Learn to Sail with Captain Ed Casazza!Building Confidence through Experience

​​Learn to Sail this summer With Captain Ed Casazza!​

Captain Ed's Sailing


You are in control ... you are at the helm and you know that you are in good hands with Captain Ed


I wouId love to have you join me on one of my many sailing excursions this summer where you will learn to sail a boat out of the Merrimack River. Join us as we sail along the coast of Plum Island , Salisbury Beach, HamptonBeach, Rockport, and out to the Isle of Shoals and beyound

Feel the wind and taste the salt, as the bow of the boat crashes through the      mouth of the Merrimac River.


  •  Navigate The Merrimack River and Newburyport Harbor.
  • Raise Sails and grab moorings
  • Use Global Positioning Systems, Chart plotters, Radar, and learn navigation techniques.
  • Sail at night.
  • ​Sail to destinations as you gain the confidence that only experience brings.