Class #2

This class teaches ocean navigation using paper charts and other navigation tools such as compass and dividers.We check our positions using the GPS to find our latitude and Longitude and their relationship on the chart. We learn more about sail trim and boat Handleing while under sail. This is a two dsay class involving 6 to eight hours of hands on sailing and Navigation navigation. The price for this classs is $300 and if you prefer to only take one class the price will be $175. Again I highly recomend that you take boath days of the navigation class.

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Class #1

 This class is for any one that wants to know how to sail a boat. We will learn to Navigate the Merrimack River using bouys to find our way out to the ocean and back.

 We will learn how to operate the boat while both under power as well as sail. Learn how to  perform both a safety check as well as an engine check. We will learn how to raise and lower sails and how to tack and jibe ( steer the boat while under sail) this is a two day course , with each class lasting about 5 to 6 hours the price for this class is $300 if you would like to just take it for one day the price is $175

 Learn to Sail with Captain Ed Casazza!

Class #4

This cruising class will sail out to Rockport or to the isle of Shoals where if we can we will drop and anchor and go to shore for a picknick and posably take a swim off of the beach. During this class we will practice the skills that we learned in the previous three classes. We talk extensivly about cruising. The is a great precursor for someone that already owns a boat or maybe thinking of buying one in the future to do some cruising on. Both destimations are excellent sails and should be lots of fun. This is a 10 to 12 hour trip and the cost is $200 per person.


Learn to sail

Building Confidence through experience! 

What can I expect during a class with Captain Ed's Sailing

The Class meets at Cashman Park,Newburyport located down Salley Snyder Way behind Pentucket Medical. The meeting spot is  on the peer that is located about 75 yards up the river from the boat ramp and I am normally there to meet you with a bag of self inflating life jackets (PFD's). From there we go by skiff out to the Bella Donna an O'day 28 originaly designed as a cruising boat having nice quarters below as well as a Head (toilet). I do and overview of the boat including the saftey equipment as well as an engine check. If needed we will practice raising and lowering the sails. I take the helm as we wait for the Gillis bridge to open, which it does on the half and on the hour. Once under the bridge I hand the helm over to someone in the class that will take the boat down to the river and out to the ocean. The class is designed in four segments so that if you dont do it this time you will do it next, some people are nervous about bringing the boat up and down the river but I assure that I am right beside you all of the way. Once out on the ocean we raise the sails and practice ibing and tacking ( steering the boat under sail), as well as holding a course. during each class there may be persons of diferent skill levels don't worry we are all learning, it would be nice to take the classes in order but that is entirly unnessasary. Because each wave is different each class will be different . We have had great classes learnig different boating skills during bad weather without leaving the mouth of the Merrimack. Where we practice navigation skills as well a anchoring and knots and chart reading. I garuantee is you will be amazed at how much you will learn in a class with Captain Ed's Sailing

Class #3

During this class we intruduce the use of the RADAR and Chart plotter. A portion of this class will be done at night so that we can see how navigation lights work. After taking this class you should feel more comphortable taking a boat down the Merrimachk River and out to the ocean at night. This is a six to eight hour class and the cost is $150 per person with a limit of four persons per class.

 If the wind and weather are favorable this usually becomes a destination class to the isle of Shoals or over to Rockport.

Captain Ed's Sailing